The Holidays are upon us and CEO Milan Sormaz has been checking his list and has determined our IBOs have been extra nice this year!

In celebration of our achievements together over the past year, we have decided to run the most powerful promotion in our history.

As an absolute highlight please notice that our CEO Milan Sormaz EXTENDED the promotion for discounts on trading packages. He has not decided on the exact date to end the promotion, so for now take advantage! Be sure to let everyone know that now is the absolute best time to secure your trading packages for the months to come. 

See the chart below for the discount based on the package trading time purchased:

We appreciate your hard work and dedication to the OMNIA mission!

All the best,

Your Team OMNIA

Holiday Promotion

Trading algorithm packages from 30% to 50% Discount!
Ends February 5th Midnight GMT

Happy Holidays!

Your Team OMNIA