ETHMail To Make Email Systems Great Again With Blockchain


Hello World! We are live.

What is ETHMail

ETHMail is an email provider. It providers email services like Gmail. The twist is that you don't register an account with ETHMail, you just use your Ethereum wallet (pub/prv key pair) signature ability to prove that you are in control over given mail account.

Deep down it's IMAP and SMTP server designed in such a way to allow direct communication between Ethereum addresses using standard email technology.

How to use ETHMail

How to send email to a given address?

If you want to contact person controling address 0x123...567 you can do that using you normal email account like etc. Just send email to using your favorite email client from your existing normal email account.

No setup is needed. Plain old email to slightly weirder email address. The receving person doesn't need to use ETHMail yet. Your email will wait for them on and it will appear in their inbox when they first check their mail.

How to check if someone have sent me any emails?

To access your inbox you'll need three things:

First any mobile or desktop email client supporting IMAP (almost all support it). Eg. Gmail App, Thunderbird, Mail, etc.

Second is some kind of web wallet. I recommend MetaMask or Nifty Wallet browser exteantions. You can also use Ledger (tested) or Trezor (not tested) hardware wallets with your browser extenations. (Any web3 compatible wallet should work)

Third is username and password pair to configure the client with. Username is simple it's just your address (0x123...567) and your email address is The password is a little trickier to get. You have to generate it using Key Management webapp. Just login using your wallet and create new Key, this key is your new password.


The general configuration looks like this:

Features and Plans

Leave a messages for any address

  • If you find any address with token that you are interested in you can now send them an email and discuss it.
  • Your counterpart doesn't have to be on yet
  • You can just leave a message in their inbox and they will see it when they start using

Check you email account, you might have messages already waiting for you!

  • Anyone can send you a message.
  • Maybe they are interested in your tokens
  • Maybe they saw contracts your deployed and they want to hire you, or they have a question about contracts you deployed.
  • Maybe they know you are a NFT collector and they want to get to know you.

Easy to use

  • You can use existing mobile and desktop clients (using standard IMAP protocol), eg. Gmail Android App
  • No remembering passwords, your access keys are stored on your Keys App which is managed by your wallet.

You know your counterpart economic incentives, you can check their blockchain history

  • If you receiver an email from address that have 0 interactions on the blockchain you know it's a scam (We will filter those messages to spam in the future)
  • If you receive and email from an address having lots of interactions with your favorite project it's probably legit.

For Dapp Developers

  • You don't need to ask your users for email address anymore
  • It works with standard SMTP libraries

Message Filtering (In the future)


  • Set your spam filters to catch all email from people who have or don't have given token (eg. personal tokens)
  • Only people with at least 1000ETH can email you
  • Only people with 10 different NFT tokens can email you
  • Only people having your personal token can email you
  • Only people having at least 100 of your three favorite tokens can email you


  • Block users with zero or minimal transaction history
  • Only people with at least 100 successful transactions can email you
  • Only people whose first transaction is at least one year old. (don't let newbies disturb you)
  • Only people interacting successfully with certain contracts can email you.

NFTs as first class citizens (In the future)

  • Email accounts for each supported NFT
  • Only current owner of given NFT can login to it's account
  • Only current owner can send emails using NFT email account
  • Transferable email accounts for your business/project


Is my email encrypted?

Not yet, I'm working on it.

Can I send/receive email to normal emails like

Yes! works exactly like your standard email provider.

Why there is no web client?/Why cannot I use browser to see my email?

I'll add web client as soon as possible but complexity of this task pushed it further on my priorities list. First I want to provide basic email services with existing email clients.