Can I reinvest my earnings into buying more hash power?

We are working on an upgrade option that you will find on your dashboard. Until then you can accumulate the disbursements in your private wallet and then use them to purchase a new contract. We accept payments with the following cryptocoins: BTC, LTC, BCH, ETC, ETH, USDT, XMR, XRP, NEO.

 What does "Life term mining" contract mean?

We will mine the cryptocurrency you choose as long as mining is economical. If and when it is no longer profitable to mine your original choice, we will change your mining to the best alternative when the time comes. We currently expect your contract to last up to 6 years.

 Why has my purchase order expired?

We only allow 30 minutes for the payment in cryptocurrencies to reach our wallet. After this period, the order will expire. Please try again or contact our customer service team directly to help you set your order manually.

 Am I able to receive a refund and/or cancel my contract?

No refunds are accepted as stated in the contract, so please ensure you are confident in your purchase.

 What will happen when Ethereum switches from PoW to PoS?

Currently, Ethereum uses the Proof of Work concept, which means Ethereum is released gradually as a reward to miners that spent time and effort (and electricity) on finding blocks. This mining consumes energy and the developers of Ethereum have already mentioned that at some point they might switch the algorithm to the Proof of Stake concept, which, simply put, gives rewards to people who hold on to their Ethereum instead of giving reward to those that mine. When that switch happens, mining Ethereum will no longer be possible. This might occur before the end of your Ethereum mining plan, but your hashrate will not be lost! Instead, we will reconfigure the underlying hardware to mine the most profitable coin, and from then on your hashrate will be mining that other coin. Which coin will be the most profitable is impossible to say. We will decide on that when Ethereum switches from PoW to Pos.

 Why is my disbursement unconfirmed in the blockchain?

As soon we send out the payment the transaction is within the blockchain waiting for confirmation. We can assure we send out the transactions with the proper fees but sometimes there are some delays in the blockchain. Unfortunately, we cannot accelerate this process from our end. Please keep in mind that some wallets only show the transactions once a certain number of blockchain confirmations have been reached.


 When will I receive my first mining disbursement? How much will I make?

14 days after the initial purchase of your mining package, OMNIA will begin mining on your behalf. disbursements occur when you accrue a minimum of 0.015 Bitcoin, 0.3 Dash, and 0.3 Ethereum. Due to the possibility of congestion on the Blockchain networks, etc., the actual deposit may not necessarily happen immediately and may take a day or two. Please do not worry as this is typical, and OMNIA will never lose track of your account; your mining will always continue. To get an estimate of your earning potential, please use a third party calculator such as CryptoCompare located at https://www.cryptocompare.com/mining/calculator/. 

 If I purchase another mining package, is there a 14 day waiting period for that to begin?

Yes, any new mining package purchased is treated exactly the same as your first. After 14 days, your service will begin and each package operates independently from each other. Upgrades also have a 14 day waiting period. You will see "pending hashpower" on your dashboard during the 14 days for any new hashpower that you will be receiving, until it's fully activated. 

 Where can I see the daily mining results in the back office?

You can see the results by clicking the Mining tab on the left menu of your back office, and then choosing. 

 When will the company offer other coins besides what we currently mine, Bitcoin, Ethereum and DASH?

We will give ample notice if and when we decide to mine for any other Alt Coins! 

 What are the minimum withdrawal amounts and why are those in place?

Currently minimum deposits in various exchanges is 0.004 or 0.005. With OMNIA it is set to 0.015 for Bitcoin, 0.3 for Ethereum and 0.3 for Dash. To avoid any extra charges from exchanges or other wallet providers, please be mindful of any additional charges. 


 Once an IBO completes the Omnia payment for his Trading algorithm package, do they receive an email indicating the wallet address where the second investment needs to be deposited for the Block Fusion account?

Yes, they will receive a confirmation e-mail from OMNIA with a link to register on the trading platform website where they will set up their account and transfer the chosen Cryptocurrency amount to be traded based on the package they purchased.

 What is the main purpose of investing in Trading Algorithms and how does an IBO keep this running?

The trading algorithm uses extremely safe algorithms to strategically grow their crypto every day. Results are created through the volatility of the crypto market so the algorithm earns profits when chosen Cryptocurrency rises and falls. 

 For an IBO to user the Trading algorithm Platform, do they need to invest on the package first?

Yes, they must purchase a package through OMNIA first. This is the fee to have access to the algorithm, which is exclusive to OMNIA. 

 How does an IBO know the trading algorithm is working and updating correctly?

Once the IBO successfully registers on the trading platform and transfers their designated chosen Cryptocurrency over to the system, they need not worry about it any further. The team of experts at Blockfusion handle the rest and ensure its working constantly. 

 If an IBO does not have the money to invest, can they get a refund?

NO, as IBO had to agree on a disclaimer to waive his right of withdrawal/cancellation. 

 If an IBO accidentally purchase two packages, can they cancel one and get it refunded?

No! As we enable to purchase multiple trading packages it's hard to make the difference of accidentally or not as user agreed dedicated on a disclaimer to waive his right of withdrawal/cancellation. 

 How can an IBO contact Blockfusion directly?

IBO can't contact Blockfusion directly. As Blockfusion is a partner of OMNIA it is agreed that every support needs to be done via OMNIA-Backoffice.

 If an IBO has not received the Block Fusion email, can it be resent?

No. You can find the link for Activation Trading Package in the Trading section of IBO´s Backoffice. 

 When will the IBO start earning profit from his/her Trading algorithm package?

If the package is purchased and trading platform fully set up and chosen Cryptocurrency paid to Trading Wallet prior to Midnight GMT on Friday, trading will begin the following Monday and their first disbursement will occur exactly one week the following Monday and will repeat so the duration of the contract every Monday. If the purchase or setup of the platform falls after Midnight GMT on Friday, for example on Saturday - the trading will not begin on Monday, but until the following week and then it will resume normal Monday disbursement schedule.

 If an IBO invests and starts trading, can they cancel it?

NO, as IBO had to agree on a disclaimer to waive his right of withdrawal/cancellation. 

 How do IBOs know if Blockfusion is a reliable company?

OMNIA chooses its partner very specified. OMNIA would not cooperate with a company which is not trustworthy. A long period of investigations goes along before OMNIA takes partnerships. 

 Where can an IBO check the record of people trading?

The trading results are shown and paid weekly and are shown in Backoffice. 

 If an IBO confronts a scam, where can he/she request help?

Just create Support-Ticket with your issue. 

 Can an IBO have more than one Trading package?

Yes, as many as they want. 

 What is the time limit to transfer chosen Cryptocurrency over to Blockfusion for trading after purchasing a package from OMNIA?

You must make the transfer within 2 trading periods. For example, You buy a 0.1 BTC 12 week package on a Tuesday. You miss depositing by Friday of the same week (3 days later) you have until the following Friday the week after without losing trading shares. From then on, you will lose 1 trading share every week. 


 When do I receive my commission payments?

All weekly commissions are calculated on Sunday's, at Midnight GMT - and go into pending commission status in your commission wallet. One week later, the following Sunday at Midnight GMT they leave pending status and you can then request a disbursement. The monthly Team Volume Bonus will be calculated at Midnight, GMT on the last day of the month and go into pending status for a one week period just like weekly commissions.

What currency will I receive my commissions in?

All commissions are paid in Bitcoin unless you purchased an Ethereum mining package. In this case, you would get paid commissions in Ether. 


 Why am I not receiving disbursements?

This could be for many reasons. You can monitor the status of your withdrawal request by clicking E-Wallet - Withdrawal Requests. from here you can see the status of your request(s) under Pending, Accepted, Paid or Rejected. Double check that your balance is above the minimum withdrawal amount required for your currency. Also, check that you have entered a proper wallet address, and be absolutely sure it is the correct wallet for your currency. If you are mining ETH, be absolutely sure your wallet address is for Ethereum. There could also be maintenance going on with the system. Check our official telegram channel along with your email to ensure we have not sent out a notice with an explanation. If you still feel like you have properly requested a disbursement, have the minimum balance required for a withdrawal, then simply use the support tab on the left menu of your back office and send in a detailed message regarding your issue and we will get back with you in as timely manner as possible.


 How do I change my wallet address in the new back office?

To change your Commissions Wallet Address:
From the navigation panel click E-Wallet - Withdrawal Wallet Address. Enter your wallet address under "Enter your new Wallet Address" and again under "Confirm your new Wallet Address" as well as your "Login Password". You will receive an email with a confirmation link that you need to click to save the address to the account.
To change your Mining Wallet Address:
From the navigation panel click Mining - Mining Withdrawal Address. Enter your wallet address under "Enter your new Mining Address" and again under "Confirm your new Mining Address" as well as your "Login Password". You will receive an email with a confirmation link that you need to click to save the address to the account.

 How do I make withdrawal requests for commissions and mining results?

To create a Commissions withdrawal request:
Click E-Wallet - E-Wallet Commissions. At the top of the page you will click the Withdrawal button to take you to the withdrawal page. Here you can enter in the Amount to withdraw ($149 USD), verify your cryptowallet address, enter your transaction password and click Request withdrawal. Your withdrawal request will move then move into pending status. (Requests made by 23:59 GMT Wednesday will be processed that Thursday and paid out Friday, though depending on Blocktrail transaction times can take up to 2 days to be completed).
To create a Mining withdrawal request:
Click Mining - Create Withdrawal Request. Here you can enter in the Amount to withdraw (must meet minimums based on your mined currency: .005 Bitcoin, .1 Ethereum, .1 DASH), enter your transaction password and click Submit Withdrawal Request. Your withdrawal request will move then move into pending status. (Requests made by 23:59 GMT Wednesday will be processed that Thursday and paid out Friday, though depending on Blocktrail transaction times can take up to 2 days to be completed).

 How do I cancel a withdrawal request?

When logged into your back office, click on the Commission Wallet tab on the left menu. Then select My Withdrawal Requests from the drop down menu. A new page will load where you may select and cancel your pending withdrawal request. Withdrawal request cancellations must be made no later than Tuesday evenings at Midnight GMT.

 I have the wrong hashpower displayed in my back office, what should I do?

Please note, newly purchased packages will show under "pending hashpower" on the dashboard of your back office. If your back office is showing the wrong hashpower, send proof of purchase for all packages purchased, if there is more than one, and send an email in to support letting them know what package you purchased along with your username. They will verify and get back with you as soon as they audit your account. Please don't worry, if there is a problem it will be corrected and updated and your account will reflect that as soon as possible.