New York-based digital asset research firm has released an in-depth report on Ethereum, and one small part of the report involves the potential for Ethereum's ether token to outperform bitcoin if a crypto market rally were to take place soon. This potential for ether to outperform bitcoin is mostly based on the increased volatility that ether and...

All over the world, the real estate industry is taking note of how profitable it is to sell real estate with Bitcoin. For example, leading Turkish real estate agency Antalya Homes reports that it sold nine properties using Bitcoin as payment in 2018.

IronGate.Wine, an online retailer of private, rare wine collections, today announced that they have completed testing and will immediately begin accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as payment methods for their extensive online inventory of vintage wine. Utilizing the processing system provided by bitcoin payment company BitPay,...

ETHMail is an email provider. It providers email services like Gmail. The twist is that you don't register an account with ETHMail, you just use your Ethereum wallet (pub/prv key pair) signature ability to prove that you are in control over given mail account.

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