We couldn't be more thrilled that you have chosen OMNIA as your business partner in looking to secure your personal financial future. Our goal is to provide you with the best tools, products, and services that you will be proud to not only use personally, but also support and share with others. Our exclusive life term mining Cryptocurrency Mining Packages using the latest cutting edge technology, are perfectly positioned in what some economists and financial professionals call "The next Trillion-Dollar market."

As you begin to understand how incredibly powerful OMNIA's Prosperity and Rewards Plan truly is and how valuable our services can be, the more you will want to share them with others. Sharing this innovative opportunity is the key to your success. Your income will be directly related to your efforts in sharing and selling the mining packages, the opportunity, and building a strong organization. You can participate in the OMNIA Prosperity and Rewards Plan at any level you would like and decide whether you want to simply create part-time income or build a full-time business!



OMNIA is a leader in the Cryptocurrency Mining industry. We provide unique, easy mining services with pricing options for everyone. Whether you have a lot of experience in dealing with Cryptocurrency or are looking at it for the first time, OMNIA is perfect for you. With our exclusive Cryptocurrency packages, you'll have life term mining services for Bitcoin and other alternative Cryptocurrencies from our mining catalogue.

When you purchase a mining plan, your mining commences without the headaches. You do not have to provide for space nor handle any complicated setup. You are further spared enduring any loud rigs in your home, troublesome maintenance and the significant electrical bills that it takes to run and cool these units.

With OMNIA, not only will you avoid all these hassles but you will be provided a user-friendly web application interface to access your back office, track your daily disbursements, and upgrade your existing hash power.

Mining process: daily payouts

We provide life term mining contracts for all available cryptocurrencies in our mining catalogue. However, profit is not guaranteed as it depends on variables such as mining difficulty, exchange rates, maintenance fees, electricity, general network infrastructure maintenance, cooling and servicing costs. While we cannot control cryptocurrencies mining difficulty or the exchange rate, we have the resources and the expertise to control operations costs. Moreover, we always integrate the latest technology to ensure that the best service is available for you.

There is no contract time specified on Bitcoin or Altcoins packages as we provide life term mining service. The mining contracts will run until unprofitable. In which case, we will automatically assign your remaining hash power to the next available profitable coin, and will do so for as long as cryptocurrency mining remains viable.

We do not charge any additional transaction fees other than what is being charged by the miners. Further information can be found in your back office.


As an OMNIA IBO, you have the right to offer our exclusive Cryptocurrency products and earn a 10% commission on the business volume (BV) from every one sold! There is no limit to how many services you can sell and no cap on the amount of income you can earn! These commissions are paid weekly!*

*Income stated should not be considered as guaranteed or projections of actual earnings. As with other independent business, success results from dedicated sales effort, hard work, and diligence. You will receive the Direct Sales Bonus on every package purchased (that generates BV) by those you have personally sponsored in the first 90 days after their registration date. 


Weekly team commissions are designed to reward you for helping and supporting those who join your organization. You can earn 10% from the total business volume (BV) of your lesser leg. The more you help them succeed, the more you earn.* To become Qualified for these earnings, simply be Active and sponsor two IBO's, one in each leg, who purchase at least 80BV to be Active. Once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 BV on your right leg and 500 BV on your left leg, you have created one "cycle" and you will earn $50.

Earn Up To 560 Cycles per week!

Depending on the mining package you have!

* To earn at a higher cap, purchase another package at the desired level (Kickstarter to Light $1000 (new package) - $500 (already paid) = $500, after the 180 days if an IBO decides to upgrade they pay full retail price). or meet the monthly volume requirement (10x the volume of the next package in personally sponsored, in a 4 week period). Once reached, that cap is locked in until a higher level is reached. Example: IBO is Starter pack, next level is Kickstarter, when IBO brings $5,000 ($500 x10) in personally sponsored, max cycles limit goes up from 20 to 70. The maximum weekly cap can be increased anytime, but the volume resets every 4 week pay period.


Once you become a Pearl, you can earn weekly Leadership Matching Bonuses on the Team Commissions of your personally sponsored IBO's and the team they create. Every person you personally sponsor creates a new line of sponsorship, and you can earn this bonus on up to six levels of sponsorship in each line!

Every time someone in your personal team earns a team commission cycle, you could earn a Matching Bonus!

The chart below shows the percentage of check matching bonuses you can receive for each level, as you progress through the ranks!


Once you become a Sapphire, you can begin earning a monthly Team Volume Bonus! As long as you reach the rank, and each of your personal teams from both legs of your binary tree meet the corresponding volume goals for that month, you will earn the bonus!

Take a look at the chart below to see what bonuses you can earn for meeting the volume totals needed, based on your rank!*

For example:

Your left leg monthly volume: 1,000,000
Enrollment tree volume in your left leg for the month: 30,000

Your right leg monthly volume: 300,000
Your right leg Enrollment Tree volume for the month: 300,000

In this case, you are qualified for the Team Volume Bonus, however the bonus applies to the smaller, left leg. You will earn the bonus that is associated with 30,000 or $2000 (or whichever the specified number is) worth of your chosen cryptocurrency. Please note, this does not include spillover volume, therefore your larger Binary Tree leg may or may not have the most volume from your Enrollment tree.

*Income stated should not be considered as guaranteed or projections of actual earnings. As with other independent business, success results from dedicated sales effort, hard work, and diligence. 


As your business grows, you will have the opportunity to meet various sales and team building milestones that the company has designed to recognize your achievements and status within the company. There are 9 ranks and many bonuses and rewards to keep you busy and satisfied for years to come! 

*For Diamond and Blue Diamond Rank, there is a minimum of 2 Personal Rank-Down Sponsors in either leg. For Black Diamond and Crown Diamond Rank, there is a minimum of 3 Personal Rank-Down Sponsors in either leg. This is a single Enrollment tree (no spillover counted). All Bonuses and Awards are based on the highest rank achieved in 4 periods. Total PV will be the sum of earned PV from the 4 week batch. For example: If you achieve Emerald and also Diamond in the same 4 week period, your bonuses will be for Diamond, not both. **All rank rewards are one time only.


Binary: The method used to calculate Team Commission Earnings, in which Distributors are arranged in a genealogy with a two leg structure (left and right). Commissions are paid on the Business Volume of the lesser volume leg.

Binary Tree: Everyone in your team falls either on your right side, or your left side in your binary tree. Your Binary Tree also includes spillover.

Personal Team: The team that you build personally, not including spillover. It starts with the people you personally sponsor. They would be level one (1) in your personal team. Everyone they sponsor will be your level two (2) of your personal team. Everyone they sponsor will be level three (3) of your personal team, and so on. Everyone in this lineage would be in and make up your personal team.

Cycle: A term used when at least 500 Business Volume Points (BV) accrues in both legs of your binary.

Greater Leg: The leg of your binary team genealogy that contains the highest amount of Business Volume (BV)

Lesser Leg: The leg of your binary team genealogy that contains the lowest amount of Business Volume (BV)

Independent Business Owner (IBO): An individual who has read and accepted a contract prior to enrollment with OMNIA entitled "IBO agreement contract." By doing so this person gains the right to sell OMNIA products and services and fully participate in the Prosperity & Rewards plan as detailed in this document.

Business Volume (BV): The value of OMNIA product or services sold. Business Volume (BV) are expressed in points are not necessarily equivalent to any currency value.

Personal Team Volume (PV): The volume in your genealogy generated by those IBO's belonging in your personal team. In short, all non-spillover volume.
Qualifying Volume (QV): The volume in your genealogy generated by those IBO's belonging in your personal team. In short, all non-spillover volume, that counts towards your Rank Qualification.
Carryover Volume: Accrued Business Volume (BV) that was not paid out in the period it was produced.
Spillover Volume: Volume in your binary not generated from your personal team, but placed into your organization via your sponsor or upline above.
Active: An IBO is considered active when he has purchased at least 80BV.
Qualified: An IBO is qualified when they are active and have at least one personally sponsored active IBO on the left side of the binary tree, and one personally sponsored IBO on the right side of the binary tree.