Crypto Meets Casino!

Dear Partner, We warmly welcome you to our Babe Casino Partners family! Thanks to Your Promoter, who invited You, you will be able to receive unheard in Gaming world - your whole Network commission from 7 levels: up to 30% and further 25% from direct sales. Every one of you counts! Essential information Who we are? Babe.Casino, Babe.Bet - dedicated Premier place for Gaming. Launched from Monte Carlo in 2017. 

Awarded best New project, 3rd place in the Gaming world in 2018, by professionals and players. Hosting of 4000+ games and 55.000 Live sports events a month. BTC, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller deposit and withdrawal options for Players. !!!NOTE: By switching to BITCOIN Casino Players will be able to see deposit and withdrawal in Bitcoins with Bitcoins sign. How we will work together? As we confirmed you in our system, from now on you can invite other affiliates (Your Network), and most important - Players. 

Your AFFILIATES Network invitation link designed to Build Your Network. It is named: "YOUR SUBUSERS URL" in TOOLS LINK CREATOR Your PLAYERS invitation link designed to invite Players and earn Direct commission on the top of Network commission. . It is named: "YOUR REFERRAL URL" in TOOLS LINK CREATOR More dedicated PLAYER Invitation links are waiting for you in the system panel. You will see them in: TOOLS LINK CREATOR Below is attached screen shot, you will see where to find it. If you require any other page to invite your Players to - let us know, we will arrange it for you. Commission Payment You will get automated email from your new Payout account, next MONDAY after registration, informing how to create password and access it. Calculation in Affiliate system is made every 24 hours, and funds ready for withdrawal IN PAY ACCOUNT - every 3rd of a New Month. For example, all commission for November you will get into your Pay Account on the 3rd of December. All for October will be available on 3rd of November. There you will be able to withdraw the earnings and enjoy rewards you and Your team achieved. 

Tips Each of the links connects Player and your Network member to Your account. If you are referring Player but don't have a link with you, just let him know Your account ID: (5 numbers code). Once the Player enters it into Registration form - Promo Code field, he will be connected to your account automatically.) Marketing material You can always find banners in our Media Library, there is attached screen shot of how to find it. If you need some specific size - just let us know - we will make sure you have it ASAP. Our bonuses: Bet25 Get 25 300% first deposit bonus 200% further deposit bonuses Trip for 2 to Monte Carlo Trip for 2 to Ice Hotel, Iceland And others! For more information please just drop us and email ! Commissions: Thanks to your Promoter, you will be able to receive unheard in Gaming world - your whole Network commission from 

7 levels: up to 30% and further 25% from direct sales. 

Every one of you counts! 

Level 1 - 6% / Level 2 - 6% / Level 3 - 6% / Level 4 - 3% / Level 5 - 3% / Level 6 - 3% / Level 7 - 3% 

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